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About Us

Passion. Desire. Goal.

A passion for nature. A desire for independence. A goal to have an impact.

What would you do if you went on vacation to one of the most remote places in the United States, in the middle of a great lake, and found yourself thinking about it every single day for over a year? Would you go back again? And again?

What would you do if every time you went back to that amazing place it became more and more special and started to feel like home, like you belonged, like the people on the island were your friends? What would you do?

When passion, desire, and a goal combine, the world can change.

Our passion for nature made us fall in love with Beaver Island. We found ourselves replenishing our weak, weary bones with short island vacations rarely permitted from hectic jobs and busy lives. To revitalize, we needed the dark skies and the whisper of the island wind carrying love’s innocence as it grazed the ferns. The island helped us seek independence; we had a desire to be liberated from the structure and self-created obligations tying us down, free to follow an unusual bird singing it’s song along an overgrown trail at a given moment, no time constraints or worry. We had a goal to positively impact others, to protect the island while sharing its incredible, life-changing power and its welcoming community.

What would you do?

What we did was build an experience to share with the world.

Join us. Experience nature. Discover Beaver Island.

He likes camping. She likes nature.

He likes woods and wildlife.

She likes campfires and stars.

They like different things but together

they’ve found Beaver Island Retreat.